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Pokémon Sword and Shield EXP Farming: How To Easily Level Up

Pokémon Sword and Shield bring in a whole new generation of Pokémon that have to be leveled up and evolved. Here’s how to farm EXP points for them.

In this guide, we will tell you about the best way to level up and farm exp. Through this guide, you will be able to know the best locations for leveling, farming and the battles required in order to level up and farm EXP in Pokemon Sword and Shield.

How To Farm Exp In Pokémon Sword and Shield – Best Location for EXP Farming

The Max Raid battles are the best place in order to get an EXP Candy. To get into a Max Raid battle, go to a lair pointed out by a red beam. After interacting with the Lair, you can start a Max Raid battle.

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In the Max Raid battle, you gain a lot of experience while fighting with a Dynamax or Gigantamax Pokemon, and by defeating the Dynamax Pokemon you get EXP Candy as a reward.

What is EXP Candy and What Does It Do

EXP Candy is consumed by the Pokemon in order to level up. Fight as many Max Raid battles as you can and get EXP Candy as the reward of each battle. EXP Candy helps you to level up your Pokemon. EXP candy comes in three different sizes from S to XL. The larger the EXP Candy is the more EXP it will give your Pokemon to level up.

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EXP Farming From Wild Area Encounters

You can also gain EXP by fighting battles with the wild Pokemon. As EXP gained from a battle is divided equally to all of your Pokemon, so keep finding and battle with wild Pokemon to gain EXP.

Eat Curry With Your Pokemon

Each Pokemon has a different taste when it comes to food. Eat curry with your Pokemon as it helps them to level up. If you will provide the curry of their favorite flavor, it will give them more EXP to level up. You can cook the curry in your camp only. Set a camp while hunting and cook a delicious curry for your Pokemon.

Send Pokemon on Poke Jobs

There are different jobs available for your Pokemon to do in the game to earn EXP.  If you want to gain some EXP, send your Pokemon to do a Poke Job. Each pokemon has ability to do a job in which they have good experience so in order to gain more EXP choose a poke job that best suits your Pokemon.

You can send your pokemon on a job by using Rotomi in a pokemon center. Rotomi is a machine that looks similar to an ATM with a Rotom sitting on its top.

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Replay the Champion Cup

You can earn more EXP by playing the Champion Cup again. When you will end the game you can play the Champion Cup again and repeat it until you get your desired EXP from it. You can level up your Pokemon up to 100 using this method.

The Pokemon which you obtain through trading gets more EXP in a battle so use them to get more EXP in a battle. You can trade the Pokemon with other people. Trading can also get you a Pokemon which is not available in your version of the game.

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In this version of Pokemon, you can also register your Pokemon for a surprise trade. The Surprise trade option helps you trade your Pokemon with any other player who wants to trade its Pokemon with yours through the Internet.

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