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PS Plus Gets Up To 40% Discount On Extra & Premium Subscription Tiers For Limited Time

The PlayStation Store is offering up to 40% discount on the purchase of an annual PS Plus Extra, or Premium subscription to new subscribers.

If you’re an existing PS Plus Essential or PS Plus Extra subscriber, you will be able to claim this offer. However, the discount is greater for those who have never been subscribed to PS Plus before. It can be claimed on PS4, PS5, or directly through the PlayStation Store. Unfortunately, it’s worth mentioning that this offer won’t be applicable if you are looking to extend your existing membership. There was another offer during the Black Friday sale last month which was applicable to existing memberships. However, that offer is no longer available.

Ps plus essential extra premium discount

If you’re new to the PlayStation ecosystem and would like to get an annual PS Plus Extra or Premium subscription, this offer serves as a worthwhile entry point to the service. Alternatively, this is also a great opportunity if you’re an existing PS Plus Essential subscriber who is looking to see what the PS Plus Extra or PS Plus Premium subscription tiers are all about. PS Plus Extra currently offers the best value for money, as it includes online multiplayer, free monthly games, and a rotating game catalog to download and play.

Here is the pricing of the PS Plus subscription tiers with this discount. The highest discount is for new subscribers on PS Plus Extra, with 40% off the regular price, while PS Plus Premium gets 35% off. Alternatively, existing subscribers looking to upgrade to PS Plus Extra or PS Plus Premium will get 30% off.

New Subscribers

  • €59.99/$59.99 Extra
  • €77.99/$77.99 Premium

Existing Subscribers (Upgrades Only)

  • €69.99/$69.99 Extra
  • €83.99/$83.99 Premium

The offer is valid until January 13, 2023, so there is barely around a week to take advantage of it. To claim the offer, head to the PlayStation Store here. Additionally, you can find it in the Deals section on your respective console.

There are more than 100 games available to play on the PS Plus Extra subscription, which is cheaper thanks to a discount from $100 per year to $59.99. Additionally, existing subscribers can also pay $69.99 and upgrade from Essential to Extra.

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