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PS Plus February 2021 Games Lineup To Include Control Ultimate Edition and Concrete Genie

Sony has announced the PS Plus Games lineup for the month of February 2021. In addition to Destruction All-Stars, two more games will be available in February.

PS Plus is a monthly subscription service that allows users to enjoy online multiplayer, exclusive discounts and DLC, and free games every month. February 2021 is a big month due to the addition of two major games: Remedy’s Control Ultimate Edition and Concrete Genie.

Control Ultimate Edition is releasing for both PS4 and PS5. This includes the base game and The Foundation and AWE expansions. There is a marginal difference between the PS4 and PS5 versions with the visuals getting a facelift and performance improved for the PS5.

ps plus february 2021

In addition to Control Ultimate Edition, Sony is offering their own first-party game, Concrete Genie, to all PlayStation Plus subscribers. It is a charming adventure featuring a boy with a magical paintbrush who befriends his own creations.

If you haven’t claimed the games that were offered in January, you still have time to grab them. To refresh your memory, they were Maneater (PS5 only), Shadow of the Tomb Raider, and Greedfall. As for the new games, Destruction AllStars is available on PlayStation Plus until Monday, April 5. Control: Ultimate Edition and Concrete Genie are available until Monday, March 1.

If you want to find out more about Destruction All-Stars, Sony has also shared a State of Play that delves into the gameplay of this upcoming freebie.

All three games will be available to grab from the PlayStation Store on February 2nd. Even if you don’t own a PS5 right now, it will be possible to get the PS5 games through the store just like was the case with the past games like Bugsnax and Maneater, both of which were available for free to PS5 users.

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