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PS Plus November 2019 Lineup Brings Nioh and Outlast 2

Sony has revealed the PS Plus free games lineup for November 2019 and it includes Nioh and Outlast 2. Here’s when you can play them.

Nioh is getting a sequel next year and ahead of the release of this new game, Sony has decided to bring the original for free to all PlayStation Plus subscribers. It was a timed exclusive at launch for the PS4 that was later released for PC as well with the complete edition that comes bundled with the season pass.

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Outlast 2 is the second game that will be available for all the PS Plus subscribers in November 2019. It comes a little too late as Halloween will end in October but for those who want a good scary game, this is a nice alternative next month. The game follows a cult in a remote village and it is mainly survival horror focused game.

Sony has dropped PS3 and PS Vita from their PS Plus free games lineup since March this month. They have been steadily trying to improve the quality of their PlayStation Plus offerings but the drop from six to just two games is still a loss no matter how to look at it.

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While the PlayStation Plus lineup for November 2019 was confirmed for North America and Europe, there is a chance that it might be slightly different in Asia and Japan as it has been the case for most of the other months. We will find out once there is an update for both regions.

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