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PS Plus November 2023 Games Lineup Announcement Delayed

The announcement for the PS Plus November 2023 game lineup, which was anticipated to occur earlier this week, has been postponed, causing some confusion among fans.

Sony traditionally reveals its PS Plus game offerings for the upcoming month on the last Wednesday of each month. In this instance, fans were expecting the announcement on October 25, but it was conspicuously absent.

This is not the first occurrence of such a delay; similar postponements have happened in the past, typically due to logistical or business considerations. The delay this time is particularly noteworthy given the recent changes to the PS Plus subscription pricing across all three service tiers, which has elicited a negative response from the community. Although Sony has pledged to enhance the quality of the service in light of the price increase, the reception to their efforts has been ambivalent. For instance, the games offered in October and September were The Callisto Protocol and Saint’s Row, respectively.

What Is PS Plus November 2023 Games Lineup?

As for the PlayStation Plus November 2023 lineup, some information has been confirmed. One of the games slated for release to PS Plus Extra/Premium subscribers is the critically acclaimed indie title, Teardown. This game will become available to all subscribers of the PS Plus Extra/Premium tier starting November 15. Additionally, there is a list of games that will be removed from the PS Plus Extra/Premium subscription in November 2023, although the specifics were not provided.

Sony typically makes two separate announcements concerning its PS Plus subscription service. The first announcement pertains to the PS Plus Essentials tier, which usually features two or three games that subscribers can keep for the duration of their subscription. As of now, the game lineup for PS Plus Essentials for November 2023 has not yet been revealed. It is expected to be announced and made available on November 1st.

The second announcement focuses on the PS Plus Extra/Premium tier and is generally made in the middle of the month. This announcement details the games that will be available to subscribers of the higher-tier PS Plus service. For November 2023, it has been confirmed that the indie hit Teardown will be part of the lineup for PS Plus Extra/Premium subscribers, becoming available on November 15.

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