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PS3 Firmware Update 4.84 Released Today on Valentine’s Day by Sony

Sony has released a brand new PS3 firmware update today. The fact that they released this update on Valentine’s Day feels like an inside joke considering they now consider it a legacy platform.

PS3 will stop getting free games on the PlayStation Plus subscription starting from March. February was the last month for PS3 users to enjoy free games and it ended with Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriot so it is a nice ending all things considered.

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Sony seems to have been quietly updating PS3 firmware almost every time there is an attempt to gain some insight into the homebrew. While it is possible to hack the PlayStation and open the system wide open for homebrew, this is not possible on all models of the PS3. Sony has also always released PS3 firmware update to battle piracy and the changelog never mentions it is for something important.

What Is Included In The PS3 Firmware Update 4.84?

The PS3 firmware update today has the same changelog as the last one with the comment that “this system software update improves system performance.” There is no indication that is has tempered with the homebrew functionality for other PS3 but it might be a stop gap to force them to update in order to go online, but there is always a way around it.

Most of the time, these kind of firmware updates are for AACS key renewals or Blu-ray playback but they can also patch out any security exploit. The timing is kind of ironic considering February 14 is being celebrated as Valentine’s Day, so if you are a PlayStation 3 owner, enjoy this Valentine’s gift from Sony.

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