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PS4 Firmware Update 11.50 Brings Further System Performance Improvements

Sony has recently released the PS4 system software update version 11.50. This update aims to improve the overall performance, stability, and user experience of the console. Sony has been making continuous efforts to provide a smoother and more reliable gaming experience for PS4 users.

Furthermore, the update focuses on enhancing the messages and usability on certain screens, aiming to make navigation and communication more intuitive and user-friendly for gamers. This latest update builds upon the previous enhancements introduced in versions 11.02 and 11.00, which also focused on improving the system software’s performance, stability, and user interface.

PS4 Firmware Update 11.50 Changelog

  • We’ve improved system software performance and stability.
  • We’ve improved the messages and usability on some screens.

Version 11.02 introduced security fixes alongside improvements to the system software’s performance and stability. This update also made adjustments to the messages and usability on some screens, indicating a consistent effort to refine the user interface and interactions.

On the other hand, version 11.00 introduced significant features to the PS4, aligning it more closely with the functionalities available on the PS5. One of the most notable additions was the ability for users to sign into their PS4 console without a password by using the PlayStation App on their mobile device. Additionally, version 11.00 brought the ability to see emoji reactions to messages, enhancing the social aspects of the PS4 gaming experience by allowing users to express themselves more dynamically in their communications.

The new system update 11.50 for the PS4 appears to launch around the same time as the PS5 update. As the console transitions more into a legacy role for Sony, they have stopped adding new features to it and their main focus remains on the PS5.

If you have noticed any other major changes after installing this firmware update, let us know in the comments below.

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