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PS4 Firmware Update 7.00: What’s New and What Are Patch Notes

Sony Interactive Entertainment has detailed the upcoming PS4 firmware update version 7.00. It will come with some new features and arrive later this week.

PS4 firmware update 7.00 was first introduced as a beta test to users. It is now confirmed to launch this week. It will include a new Party Feature Update that has been improved to introduce some new features.

  • Maximum number of Party users increased from 8 to 16
  • Network connectivity improved
  • Audio quality improved
  • Accessibility support with Chat Transcription has been added (US Only)

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Players can use the second screen feature of the Party Chat to get access to some of the additional features that are being introduced with the new update.

The new chat transcript feature is playable through the PS4 second screen app and it is currently limited to US users only. It converts any party voice chat to text and can also convert text chat to voice.

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Another new addition is the ability to Remote Play select PS4 games on Smartphone devices. This will require the PS4 Remote Play app to work. Controllers are supported for both Android and iOS devices where Remote Play support has been updated. After the new update, DualShock 4 controllers will now work on the iOS and Mac devices after installing the latest October update.

There might be more changes outside of these two but until the update is out, we won’t get any confirmation on it. You can look forward to downloading it later this week.

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