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PS5 Dashboard and New Trophy Design Reportedly Leaked

PS5 is currently being reviewed by various press outlets and influencers, but there is a strict embargo. Still, some things have started to leak online.

We have already covered the new trophy unlock animation for the PS5, but apparently, the design of the trophies has also changed with the release of the PS5. This can be seen in an image (via) that shows the various levels of trophies for the PS5 including the Platinum trophy, which has received an overhaul from the original design.

Here is a look at the old design just to refresh your memory.

Secondly, while the PS5 console is still under embargo, the press was allowed to post unboxing videos of the console itself. They weren’t allowed to show the console running yet, so we have to wait for this embargo to end before they can show a hands-on with the PS5. This didn’t stop someone from leaking an image (via) that showed the dashboard running on a PS5.

We have already seen a size comparison of the PlayStation 5, which is apparently rather massive. It looks huge in this picture as well. Aside from that, the UI was already seen with a state of play video that showed a walkthrough of the PlayStation 5 UI.

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What we can infer from the image is that the UI is pretty slick looking and has custom backgrounds for various games. We should also expect to see new information or videos for Miles Morales as it can be seen on the leaked image. Maybe the press is already playing a review copy ahead of the launch of the game.

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