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PS5 UI Revealed and It Truly Looks Next-Generation

Sony has officially revealed the PS5 UI giving us the first glimpse at how the next-generation user experience will fare on the PlayStation 5.

While the launch of the PS5 is just under a month away, Sony hadn’t shown the user experience being offered on the PS5 until today. In a new video that was shared by the official PlayStation Blog, they have given a walkthrough of the new features and UI of the PS5.

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The video goes through some of the new features including the ability to watch a friend’s stream using a picture-in-picture mode, the ability to seamlessly transition from one game to the next, and a major new player help feature that is called Activities. If you had seen the PS5 cold boot leak, this basically confirms the leak was indeed legit.

As we have reported earlier, the new changes to the trophy system on the PlayStation Network also came with a little tidbit about the PS5 tracking trophy progress. This was shown in full today with the Activities.

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This lets the user check their progress of various tasks in the game and jump straight into completing them. It can be best seen in the official video which showcased Sackboy: A Big Adventure running on the PS5.

ps5 ui video

Another major highlight is the control center. This can be accessed with the press of the PlayStation button. It lets the user perform a wide range of tasks from taking screenshots to sharing them, or joining other friends and browsing the activities offered by any game.

While Sony is going with a completely new user interface for the PlayStation 5, Microsoft has a different strategy as they are trying to unify their various Xbox devices under a single user experience. The new dashboard update for the Xbox One and Xbox Series S|X is out now and features a set of new improvements made after gathering user feedback. However, it is not a radical departure from the current generation user interface.

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