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Godfall File Size Is The Smallest Out of All Launch PS5 Games

Godfall is one of the next-generation games that will launch on the PS5. The file size of the game has been revealed through the official retail copy.

Gearbox Software’s CEO Randy Pitchfod has shared images of the Godfall PS5 retail copy. This is the first time we have seen a glimpse at a PS5 game which will be sold at retail. While the images themselves are quite detailed, showing the disc, cover art, and more, what caught our attention was the back of the retail copy.

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Just like it is the case with the PS4 games, the back cover of Godfall has various information listed on it, including the minimum required file size.

From the back cover, we can see that it has a minimum file size of 50 GB. Other information that has been listed on the back cover has already been revealed through the official PlayStation website including the mention that there is no offline mode for the game. One new tidbit is the support for Vibration Function and Trigger Effects.

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The minimum file size of Godfall makes it the smallest next-generation exclusives for the PS5 in terms of the file size. Currently, we only know the file size of Demon’s Souls and Marvel’s Spider-Man: Miles Morales including the original game remastered. Both of these are 66 GB and 105 GB respectively.

We have seen reports of the PS5 SSD space after taking into account the space needed by the operating system is roughly 664 GB so knowing the file size of next-generation games is only going to get more important going forward.

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