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Resident Evil 8 Gets New Enemy, Gameplay, and Story Details

Resident Evil Village has received some new information in Weekly Famitsu Magazine confirming gameplay and other story details.

Capcom recently had a feature in the Weekly Famitsu Magazine where they gave further information on Resident Evil Village. Alex Aniel, who is well-known in the Resident Evil Community, has taken the time to share and translate information published by Famitsu.

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If you were curious about the role of Chris in the story, or other gameplay details like the opening that has been reported to resemble Resident Evil 4, there is some interesting new information to sort through here.

  • Chris is the one who takes Ethan to the mysterious mountain village.
  • Ethan is unconscious during this time and when he wakes up, he walks along a path to arrive in the village.
  • Famitsu has a photo of villagers holding hands in a circle and praying with dangerous creatures protecting them. They appear to be a cult.
  • There is a villager wearing Trench Coat that could be selling things to Ethan.
  • Mia’s picture book might hold the key to solving the plot of the game. It tells a similar story to what Ethan encounters during his visit to the village.
  • There is an old shaman lady with the skull staff that will play a role different from the trench coat guy.

There was also an interview with the producers of Resident Evil 8, Tsuyoshi Kanda, and Pete Fabiano. They confirm that it is indeed Chris who takes Ethan to the mysterious mountain village.

The producers don’t go into detail regarding the “Merchant” look-alike in Resident Evil 8, but they do say that Ethan’s life will depend on it. They also hint that the villagers might also recite prayers in order to protect themselves from danger. Regarding the dangerous creatures, they mention that while they can’t speak a language, they will behave like a pack/swarm and can also wield weapons.

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Resident Evil 8 is scheduled to launch for the PS5, Xbox Series X, and PC in 2021.

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