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PS5 Firmware Update 22.01-05.10.00 Released, Here Are The Details

Sony has just pushed out a brand new system software update for the PS5. This PS5 firmware update appears to be a minor one with small fixes.

The new update for the PS5 is available to download now. It is just a little over 1 GB and should be live for every user. Take a look at what Sony has changed in the update with the patch notes shared below.

PS5 Firmware Update 22.01-05.10.00 Changelog

We are working on getting the changelog for this update but as far as the last one is concerned, it was mostly for the system performance. The same appears to be true for this new system update as well.

  • This system software update improves system performance.

This won’t be the first time Sony has released such a minor firmware update. They only have many changes when the firmware number changes in the third digit. Right now, it is stuck at 05 while the last time it jumped from 04 to 05, they added a whole set of new features including improvements to the party management feature.

As for why this update is usually pushed for PS5, there are usually minor issues with games, some of the released ones and some for the upcoming ones. These changes are then either fixed with a game update or a firmware update.

Sony had recently rolled out VRR for the PS5. This was already a part of the new firmware but its inclusion finally happened earlier when Sony pushed a silent update live for the PS5.

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