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PS5 Immersion Ad Highlights DualSense Features

Sony has released an official ad for the PS5 highlighting the features of the DualSense controller. This also hints at the start of a new marketing campaign.

PS5 has a brand new controller that is a radical departure from its predecessor. It is officially called the DualSense controller. Some of the most prominent features of this controller are Haptic Feedback, 3D Audio, and Adaptive Triggers.

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Sony has released a trailer that highlights these features in a highly detailed video. It is abstract in nature but gets the point of the various controller features across well.

This ad shows a live-action trailer that goes through each of the DualSense features like the Haptic Feedback, Adaptive Triggers, and 3D Audio. One example is the bow that is seen at the end of this trailer which relates to how these adaptive triggers will factor in the game.

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Sony has yet to reveal the official price of its next-generation console. There were rumors about a potential State of Play this August to announce the price and launch date for PlayStation 5, but they haven’t materialized as of yet. Despite just being a few months away, the launch price of PlayStation 5 is still not official and the console is not up for pre-order from retailers as a result.

ps5 dualsense ad

PS5 is out in Holiday 2020. It will be the next-generation console from Sony that has to compete with Microsoft’s Xbox Series X. Both of these consoles will arrive in Holiday 2020. As per the early specs shared by both companies, Xbox Series X has an advantage in raw power over the PlayStation 5, however, their actual performance and comparison across the games that are released on them will show a clearer picture of this advantage.

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