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PS5 Is Reportedly Getting a New Model (11XX) With Minor Changes


Sony might be working on a new model for the PS5 bumping the version from the 10XX series to 11XX. This usually leads to minor changes.

As discovered by Twitter user Akatama and shared by WellGamer, this new model will be an updated SKU. The launch PS5 had a model number of CFI-1015A while this new model has CFI-1115A. We need to mention that this is fairly standard practice and such minor increments usually don’t mean much in terms of the overall structure of the hardware. The SoC and other components are most likely going to remain the same so this is not a new PS5 hardware e.g Slim.

That said, it is also interesting to see Sony working on a new model. One of the changes that can be expected is a different internal fan or minor alterations to the hardware components that don’t make much of a bump on paper. The same was true for the PS4 which quickly received the 11XX series within its launch year.

It was discovered after registration for a Wireless Communication Module was found to be a part of a new PS5 model. This is according to a Homologation document from Peru. As shared by WellGamer, we might get an idea of this new PS5 model by the end of this year as it is registered by FCC. So far, the new component appears to be Bluetooth, but as mentioned, these changes are minor and hardly have an impact on the overall hardware so don’t consider this an upgraded system.

PS5 is one of the fastest-selling consoles for Sony. It has sold through more than 7.8 million units worldwide, selling at a faster pace than the PS4. Sony is expecting the shortages for PS5 to last until 2022 due to the worldwide semiconductor crisis.

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