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PS5 UI Update Introduces Live Wallpapers & Widgets, Now Undergoing Beta Testing

The next UI update for the PS5 is currently undergoing beta testing, and it is set to introduce live wallpapers and widgets to the system menu.

YouTuber Mystic has shared details regarding the new PS5 beta firmware, which has been rolled out to beta testers across the globe. According to him, Sony Interactive Entertainment is revamping the Explore menu on PS5, though it is currently only visible to users in the US. Prior to this update, the explore tab merely showcased followed games and related news/information. Later, it included panels for online friends and trophy progress.

With the arrival of the new beta firmware update for PS5, the new version of the Explore menu offers more useful widgets, such as a DualSense battery indicator as well as console storage information. Currently, users will not be able to rearrange widgets, though they may choose from three presets: solo and focused, team, and top suggestions.

Another major feature introduced in the new UI update for the PS5 is the implementation of live wallpapers. However, they will only be visible within the Explore tab, and not across the entire UI. Additionally, users are currently only able choose one from a handful of animated wallpapers provided by Sony. Static backgrounds can be set using screenshots from the capture gallery, however. As of now, images transferred to the console via USB drives will not be compatible with the new custom backgrounds feature. Despite limitations, users will find the new explore tab more practical and less ad-focused, addressing longstanding concerns about the UI’s usability and social integration.

There is currently no time frame regarding the public release of the new firmware update, though it is likely to be rolled out within a month or so. The recent public firmware update for the PS5, version 24.02-09, enabled the DualSense controller speakers to produce higher volume sound, allowing players to hear in-game sounds and voice chat audio more clearly. The mic input quality has also been enhanced by a new AI machine learning model. Additionally, background noise from button presses and game audio has been reduced for improved voice chat.

Muhammad Ali Bari

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