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PSVR2 Hardware Authentication Has Reportedly Been Cracked

The hardware level authentication on the PSVR2, which detects whether the Virtual Reality headset is connected to a PS5, has reportedly been cracked.

The creator of PC drivers for non-compatible VR devices, iVRy, has been working to get Sony’s brand new VR headset working with PC. The PSVR2 hardware authentication has now been cracked by them on PC. What this essentially means is that the PSVR2 can now identify a PC as a PS5, and, therefore, provide further access. However, according to the iVRy creator, the real work has just begun.

Psvr2 authentication cracked

The iVRy creator stated that, currently, in order to use a PSVR2 on a PC via drivers, one either needs to have a VirtualLink GPU or a VirtualLink adapter. The headset doesn’t require VirtualLink, however. They pointed out that it’s possible to make a cheaper, PSVR2-specific adapter for this purpose, but they added that it’s not a job specific to their work.

They also mentioned that the same crypto authentication used by the PS5 needed to be done in order to have the PSVR2 identify a PC as the console. According to them, this is well beyond a simple trick or hack.

Previously, it was reported that the PSVR2 is already compatible with PC as a virtual monitor. According to the iVRy creator, who has previously worked on PC drivers for the original PSVR headset, PSVR2 works as a virtual monitor on PC in “cinema” mode on Nvidia 20xx series GPUs and higher with VirtualLink ports, AMD 6800/6900 GPUs with “VR” USB-C ports, or with the BizLink adapter.

This allows PSVR2 owners to plug their headset into a PC, allowing the headset to operate as a virtual desktop monitor with 3dof movement (equivalent to Cinema Mode on PS5). However, it currently does not function as intended with VR games on PC. For that purpose, it will require SteamVR drivers along with additional software support.

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