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PSVR2 Can Now Work On PC, But Will Require Additional Hardware

Sony’s PSVR2 headset can now be made to work on PC, though doing so will require some additional hardware.

The creator of iVRy drivers, which allow a range of otherwise incompatible VR headsets to work on PC, has revealed that they have succeeded in getting the PSVR2 to work on PC, though they mentioned that it will need additional hardware due to the hardware design choices made by Sony for the headset.

Psvr2 pc additonal hardware

According to iVRy_VR, the PSVR2 was blocking VR modes on PC by saying it couldn’t do DSC. By modifiying an AMD Open Source Linux GPU driver to force DSC, they managed to figure out how to put the headset into VR mode on the platform. Now, all that’s left is designing some hardware that can replicate the same on Windows. However, they added that it’s a long way to go from here until PSVR2 is usable on PC. Though, on a positive note, this is most likely the last of the major hurdles out of the way, of which there have been a few. From here on out, it’s just regular reverse-engineering undocumented hardware and writing drivers for it, they said. They also mentioned that Sony is not actively trying to block the PC hack, or, at the very least, it isn’t trying hard enough to do so.

Previously, it was revealed that Sony is working to improve its reprojection technology for PSVR 2 games that run at a frame rate of 60 fps. Speaking during a Reddit AMA, Producer of sci-fi action adventure game Hubris, Koen, stated that Sony will be making improvements to the reprojection software that is used to reproject a PSVR 2 game internally running at 60 fps to 120 fps. This should theoretically improve the user experience for games that natively run at a frame rate of 60 fps.

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