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Rage 2 Update 1.03 Adds Cheat Codes, Improves Replay Value, and More

Rage 2 has just received its first major update by Bethesda Softworks today. The new additions among other features are the ability to use cheat codes like Low Gravity, and the ability to replay bandit camps.

As we have covered earlier, Rage 2 was supposed to get its first free content update on Junee 18. It was released today by Bethesda Softworks and along with it, we have the full patch notes for Rage 2 update version 1.03.

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This update brings support for new Wasteland Wizard Cheat Codes. The following new ones are confirmed to be a part of this new update: Low Gravity, Bloody Mess, Phoenix Rejector Seat, and Klegg Support. You can enable these cheats from the settings menu in the game.

Rage 2 update 1.03 also helps adds some replay value to the game by making the Bandit Camps replayable in the game. You will be now able to replay any cleared Bandit Camp through the world map. You can also earn new rewards this way.

New voice packs are now available through the settings menu. You can enjoy Ozzy Man Reviews “You Call That a Wingstick?” and German “TV Fatal” as the new voice packs for Rage 2.

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Here is an overview of the new features and improvements that are available in Rage 2 update version 1.03, while you can have a look at the full patch notes from here that also list every major fix and improvements for the game.

Rage 2 Update Version 1.03 Patch Notes

  • Bandit Camps are now replayable! Open your map and select any previously cleared bandit camp to replay them as much as you’d like — and get rewarded.
  • New Wasteland Wizard Cheat Codes: Low Gravity, Bloody Mess, Phoenix Rejector Seat, Klegg Support. Activate the new cheats in the ‘settings’ menu.
  • New Voice Packs added! Ozzy Man Reviews “You Call That a Wingstick?” and German “TV Fatal”. Activate the new voice packs in the ‘settings’ menu.
  • Wasteland Wizard now only travels to 3 different locations instead of 15.
  • Menu optimization improved to address slowdown issues.
  • Crate Improvements! Improved melee hit detection and increased visibility at night.
  • Improved sharpness on high-res screens to reduce “blurriness”.
  • Adjusted the day/night cycle. (Previously, the day time moved too slow, night time lasted too long).
  • Digital Deluxe Upgrade now available in the in-game Store.
  • Bethesda.net Friend Leaderboards now available for Mutant Bash TV.
  • Fixed issue where linked Bethesda.net accounts appear as unlinked after re-establishing network connection.

Rage 2 was developed by Avalanche Studios in collaboration with Bethesda Softworks. It is available now on PS4, Xbox One, and PC.

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