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Rage 2 Is Getting Its First Major Update, Here Are The Details

Rage 2 is getting the first major update soon as Bethesda Softworks has confirmed it in a tweet recently. Here are some of the major changes that have been confirmed to be a part of this new update.

Rage 2 is an open world first-person shooter by Bethesda Softworks which was published by Avalanche Studios. If you want to read more about the game and see what we had to say regarding it, give out review a read from here.

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The game also has an expansion pass and will get major updates to add new content for free as well. The first update has been dated now by Bethesda Softworks. They have also confirmed some of the changes that will be a part of this new update.

rage 2 update 1.03

Rage 2 update version 1.03 is the new patch for PS4 which has been scheduled to launch on June 18. It will implement the following set of fixes to the game.

  • Respawning enemies at camps
  • Free cheat codes
  • Fixes for Nicholas Raine armor bug
  • Fixes for racing bug
  • Fixes for Kvasir talking bug
  • Fixes for NPCs stop talking bug
  • Fixes for menu lag
  • Fixes for crashes

Of course, we don’t have the full set of patch notes for Rage 2 update 1.03, so we will find out about them once the update is out this Tuesday. You can grab it on PS4, Xbox One, or PC.

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