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Red Dead Redemption 2 Mod Adds Fully Explorable Nuevo Paraiso (Mexico) From RDR1

A new work in progress mod for Rockstar Games’ 2018 action adventure game, Red Dead Redemption 2, has added the northern part of Mexico from Red Dead Redemption to the game’s world map, and it’s fully explorable.

The mod remakes the Nuevo Paraiso portion of Mexico from the Red Dead Redemption world map and brings it to Red Dead Redemption 2. It features fully remade towns and NPCs. The mod is a worlk in progress, and currently available in early access.

Red dead redemption 2 mod

Given its work in progress state, the mod is currently unfinished and unpolished. Many things still need to be added and/or completed. The only location that is 100% complete is Casa Madrugada. It is, therefore, recommended that players check out this area first in order to have a better understanding of what the mod will offer once development has been completed.

Red Dead Redemption 2 Mexico Mod Installation Instructions

  1. Download and install Script Hook RDR2 from here
  2. Download and install ASI loader from here
  3. Download and install Lenny’s Mod Loader RDR from here
  4. Download and install Rampage Trainer from here
  5. Go into the in-game graphics settings and set the graphics API to Vulkan, as DirectX12 currently crashes
  6. Install the Mexico mod from here

A video of the mod in action can be seen below.

Nuevo Paraiso is one of the three explorable territories in Red Dead Redemption, representing the northern part of Mexico with a distinct language and overall atmosphere. It becomes accessible during the story mission “We Shall Be Together in Paradise.”

The Nuevo Paraiso territory comprises three regions: Punta Orgullo, Perdido, and Diez Coronas. This area is likely inspired by the Mexican border state Nuevo León and is more extensive and desolate than New Austin, featuring deserts, vast mesas, canyons, and mountains. Prominent locations within Nuevo Paraiso include the towns of Chuparosa, Escalera (which has a secret area called the Escalera Catacombs in Undead Nightmare), the fortress of El Presidio, the nunnery of Las Hermanas, and the settlements of Agave Viejo, El Matadero, Torquemada, and Casa Madrugada.

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