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Resident Evil 2 Demo Walkthrough: How To Solve All Puzzles And Find Secrets Guide

Resident Evil 2 demo is available now on all platforms. Here’s a useful guide that lets you figure out all the puzzles and hidden secrets.

Resident Evil 2 demo can be tricky for those who have never played the game. It is restricted to just 30 minutes and the opening is not exactly that clear so most new users will keep wondering where to go next. Here is a short guide to let you know the solution of every secret, puzzle and much more.

Resident Evil 2 Demo Walkthrough: How To Trigger Special Cutscene?

  • Begin by heading to the shutter and try to open it. You will be required to slide down it.
  • Head towards the end of this new flooded location keeping the map open to find a Fire Safety Door and open it.
  • After the cutscene, you will pick up a crucial Notebook. It will be helpful in solving puzzles later.
  • Head all the way back to the main hall to trigger another cutscene and equip the Knife.
  • You can now remove a taped panel to open the closed shutter.
  • Go through this new area until the end to find two set of red doors. Enter this room.
  • You can find Secret 1 here. For details, refer below.
  • Exit through the vent in this room to find yourself in a new location.
  • Go east across the blood-soaked sofa and reach the end of this corridor. You can find Secret 2 in this corner room.
  • Go to the second floor while picking up the herbs along the way.
  • Head to the third floor to find a spade key that will be used to unlock some rooms.
  • Continue through this floor to end up in a Library. You can also find Secret 3 here.
  • You will get a call from Marvin telling you to return back to the main hall. Do it to trigger a special cutscene.
  • The demo will end with this cutscene and show a special teaser. Enjoy it until launch on January 25!

Resident Evil 2 Demo Walkthrough: Solve All Resident Evil 2 Demo Puzzles

  • Lion Statue (Main Hall 2F): Crown, Lion, Ram
  • Unicorn Statue (Lounge 1F): Bird, Woman, Harp
  • 2F Dial Lock inside Bathroom: BIO (Shotgun Ammo)
  • 3F Dial Lock in the corridor: RES (MAG Ammo)

Resident Evil 2 Demo Walkthrough: Find All Resident Evil 2 Demo Secrets

  1. Make sure to pick up the Weapons Locker Key Card to unlock the Shotgun in Safety Deposit Room.
  2. Grab the film roll from Safety Deposit Room (106) and develop it in the darkroom to see a bonus photo.
  3. There is stylish pouch available that lets you store additional items just before the Library.

This is just a short glimpse of the full game, so make sure to check back once it is out on January 25th, 2019. You will need to purchase it, of course, but if you enjoyed your time with the demo, this is going to be worth it.

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