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Resident Evil 4 Remake Merchant Will Offer New Subquests, Gameplay Greatly Expanded

The merchant in Capcom’s Resident Evil 4 remake will offer brand new subquests, suggesting that the gameplay has been greatly expanded.

Speaking during an interview, director Yasuhiro Ampo and game director Kazunori Kadoi shared new details regarding the Resident Evil 4 remake, including the addition of brand new subquests that will be available via the merchant.

Resident evil 4 remake merchant subquests

The game also features a new parry mechanic in place of the QTEs that were present in the original. In addition, players will now have a greater degree of freedom via new approaches for tackling enemies, such as the use of stealth. The knife featured in the remake is a more powerful weapon than it was in the original, though it has limited uses here. In terms of new mobility options, not only can Leon turn around more quickly, he also has a new quick dodge mechanic. Meanwhile, the game’s merchant will offers brand new subquests that weren’t present in the original.

Previously, it was revealed that Resident Evil 4 Remake will feature both a New Game Plus as well as a Photo Mode. In an earlier Game Informer video that covered 80 rapid questions regarding the remake, director Yasuhiro Ampo and producer Yoshiaki Hirabayashi revealed that the game will feature a New Game Plus as well as a Photo Mode.

It was also revealed that the the Village featured in the Remake is bigger than that of the original. On the other hand, the Island has big level design changes from the original, but in terms of size it may end up being about the same length as the original island. It was also stated that Ada will have a major role to play in the remake.

With regards to the available control scheme options, the developers stated that there’s a control scheme that emulates Resident Evil 4’s original control scheme. However, they said that it’s not entirely the same, since Leon can now perform new actions not featured in the original.

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