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Resident Evil 8 Demo Maiden Is Available For Download Now

Resident Evil 8 has received a special demo for the PS5 called Maiden. Here’s everything that you need to know about this new demo.

Maiden is a brand new demo that appears to be separate from the main game. It will offer the players an early glimpse inside the world of Resident Evil Village and it is apparently quite short. The whole demo can be completed in under 20 minutes, which is not a big surprise.

Capcom has hinted that there might be some surprises in the demo that fans can discover once they play through it. This demo can also be linked to the main game, as some events that will connect them together.

Resident Evil 8 Maiden Demo Download

The official PlayStation Store has been updated to add this new demo for Resident Evil 8. Here is a description of this demo which is out now.

A maiden awakens in a dark, damp dungeon. Her only thought, “I must make my escape!”

For this special look at the world of Resident Evil Village you are the maiden. You must swallow your fears and make your way through the horrors to once again find the light.

Players will be treated to beautiful visuals with ray-tracing and 3D audio that create an immersive, high-quality survival-horror experience.

There will be another demo that will be available on all platforms while this current one is exclusive to the PS5. Capcom has only shared a release window of Spring 2021 for the new demo but it should arrive before the release of Resident Evil 8 on May 7, 2021.

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