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Rockstar’s Latest Promo Ad Teases GTA VI & Suggests Potential Game Location

A new promo advertisement from Rockstar Games serves as a subtle teaser for GTA VI, suggesting the game’s location.

Rockstar Games has added some brand new merchandise to its official store, and featured among the new collectibles is a clothing patch that seemingly hints at the potential location for GTA VI.

Gta vi location

The clothing patch in question reads “I (heart) VC”. The placement of the letter “V” alongside both the letter “I” and “C” suggests a connection between “VI” and “VC”. In this case, “VI” seems to imply GTA VI and “VC” stands for Vice City. Putting two and two together, this implies that GTA VI may be set in Vice City. Of course, this may just be a coincidence, and the design of the clothing patch may simply be misleading. Either way, it’s hard to tell at this point, but fans won’t have to wait long to find out.

Recently, changes made to the Rockstar Games websites have replaced all mention of the Social Club with the ‘Rockstar Games Platform’. All mention of the Social Club, including branding,  has gone missing, and the logo has been replaced with the Rockstar logo everywhere, including the sign in page, suggesting that the publisher is likely preparing to launch a new platform alongside the GTA VI reveal early next month.

Earlier, Rockstar Games confirmed that the very first trailer for GTA VI will be released in early December, 2023. Given the timing of the trailer for GTA VI, we think that The Game Awards 2023 may just be the platform where it is showcased. The show’s producer and host, Geoff Keighley, is known for his connections in the industry, and there’s a chance that he may have collaborated with Rockstar Games on a potential reveal at this year’s event. Only time will tell whether that’s actually the case, however.


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