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Salt & Sanctuary and Second Extinction Could Be A Part of Mystery Free Game Promo On Epic Games Store

Epic Games Store is offering a mystery free game every day for the month of December and there are rumored to be 14 games.

The list of mystery free games was leaked earlier but it confirmed Shenmu III only. The second game was Neon Abyss. While the third mystery game hasn’t been revealed so far, one of the games that could be offered this month is Salt & Sanctuary.

The sequel to this game is already coming exclusively to the Epic Games Store. The first game was recently rated in Korea for Epic Games Store, around December 16 to be exact. It is not listed in the store for now, so if we had to guess, it could be a surprise announcement that will be offered for free.

epic games store mystery free game

Second Extinction is another potential contender for the mystery free game on the Epic Games Store in December. It was rated alongside Salt & Sanctuary and while it is already available in early access, this could coincide with the game going free on the Epic Games Store.

Obviously, this is purely speculation from us as we don’t have any insider knowledge to suggest that these games will be free. They were indeed rated as recently as December 16 so there is a good chance that they might be either given free, or just drop on the Epic Games Store.

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