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Samurai Shodown Season Pass: List of New Fighters and How To Get It Free

Samurai Shodown is out today and along with it, the details around the season pass have been revealed. It will be free to grab if you pre-order or get the game during the launch period.

Samurai Shodown is a brand new 3D fighting game developed by Athlon Games and published by SNK. The game also has a season pass which will retail for $19.99 and include four characters and “Retro 3D Nakoruru” character costume.

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SNK has now detailed the characters that will be a part of the Samurai Shodown season pass. The following four new fighters will be released for the game if you have owned the season pass.

  1. Rimururu
  2. Basara
  3. Kazuki Kazama
  4. Wan-Fu

If you want to get them, you will have to either pre-order the game or grab a copy before June 30 in order to avail this offer of the free season pass.

How To Get and Download Free Samurai Shodown Season Pass?

After the release of the game today, the season pass was also made available on the PlayStation Store. You can head to this link to have a look at the listing of the season pass and then add it to your cart and checkout to grab it.

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Once a character is released, it should be free to download through the in-game menu or by heading to the PlayStation Store.

Samurai Shodown will release on PS4, Xbox One, PC, and Nintendo Switch.

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