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Scalebound Developer Reportedly Looking To Work On New IP For Xbox

Platinum Games is reportedly looking to develop a new IP for the Xbox platform, years after the failure of the Scalebound project. According to eXtas1s on Youtube, the former Scalebound developer has approached Microsoft to publish and finance their next game for Xbox platforms.

Those familiar with eXtas1s will recall them as the same individual who previously leaked the logo for Hideo Kojima’s Overdose project, and also revealed that Margaret Qualley would be starring in the game.

The leaker eXtas1s claims to have received this information from his usual sources, but doesn’t know the full details regarding the outcome of the talks between Platinum Games and Microsoft. In other words, they don’t know if Xbox has taken interest in the project and agreed to fund its development. As for whether this is some sort of a proposed revival of the Scalebound project or a completely unknown game remains to be seen.

Platinum Games’ previous outing with Xbox, Scalebound, didn’t fare so well, and as fans are already aware, the Xbox exclusive project was ultimately scrapped. For the uninitiated, Scalebound is a cancelled action role-playing game that was being developed by Platinum Games between the year 2013 to 2017 for Xbox One and PC. However, Microsoft Studios revealed in January 2017 that the game’s development had been halted.

Scalebound xbox

In Scalebound, players assumed control of a character called Drew, who was accompanied by a dragon given the name of Thuban. Players could issue commands to the dragon, allowing to aid them in battle. Dragons came in three different varieties, each with unique traits. The three types may be mixed and mashed using the game’s customization tools, and players could set their individual skill set, traits, and gear. In addition to letting you ride itself, your dragon would also have the ability to launch a unique elemental assault.

In addition, Drew had access to a wide range of weaponry to take on enemies. The game intended to have a greater emphasis on the role-playing component aspect instead of the stylish, over-the-top action that Platinum Games is known for.

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