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Sega May Be Looking To Revive Altered Beast & Gunstar Heroes

Sega may be looking to bring back the Altered Beast and Gunstar Heroes franchises, based on the latest rumor.

Speaking during the latest episode of the XboxEra Podcast, co-host Shpeshal Nick stated that Sega is looking to bring back both the Altered Beast and Gunstar Heroes franchises. Though, he added that he isn’t aware what shape or form either series will make a comeback in i.e. whether Sega will work on brand new entries or remake/remaster previous titles.

Sega altered beast gunstar heroes

Nick mentioned that, not long before Sega President Haruki Satomi had stated that the company will be looking to remaster some of its classic Sonic titles, he received a DM from one of his sources, which suggested that the publisher is looking to revive some of its classic franchises. He said that he was told about some of the games that would be brought back, including Jet Set Radio, which had previously been leaked alongside the Persona 3 remake. He stated that other franchises on the list included Altered Beast and Gunstar Heroes.

Nick also hinted at another franchise on the list, but refrained from mentioning its name. We can only speculate, but it would certainly be great to see other classic Sega franchises like Golden Axe and Shinobi receive the Streets of Rage 4 treatment.

In related news, the director of Sonic Frontiers, Morio Kishimoto, had previously suggested that, in addition to 3D Sonic games, 2D side-scrolling Sonic games are also in development at Sega. Kishimoto’s statement came in response to a question from a fan, who mentioned that they loved playing Sonic 4 Episode 1 and Episode 2 back when it was released. They wondered if they’d ever see another Sonic game of that kind, possibly in collaboration with developer Dimps. In response, the Sonic Frontiers director mentioned that both 3D and 2D Sonic games are currently in development at Sega, and urged fans to look forward to them.

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