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Capcom Schedules Emergency Update To Address Major Street Fighter 6 Exploit Before EVO 2023

Capcom has scheduled an emergency update to address a major exploit in its latest fighting game, Street Fighter 6, prior to EVO 2023.

The official Street Fighter 6 Twitter account has shared that Capcom will soon be rolling out an emergency update before EVO 2023 in order to fix the exploits identified with Rashid’s level 2 super, Ysaar, and JP’s grab projectile, Embrace.

Street fighter 6 update evo 2023

Street Fighter 6 Pre Evo 2023 Emergency Maintenance Schedule

In addition to the update, emergency maintenance for Street Fighter 6 will take place today, on July 25, for around two hours starting at the following time:

  • 1:00 AM PDT
  • 09:00 AM BST

The previous update, version 1.002, added the playable character Rashid to the Goods Shop alongside new outfits, colors, and avatar gear. Rashid’s story was also added to Arcade Mode, and the game also received an easier way to switch between Record and Playback in the Training Mode pause menu. A new Master League was also introduced and several bug fixes were implemented.

Significant battle adjustments were also made in the new update, including fixes for unintended character behavior and issues with moves such as the Drive Parry, Power Up Super Arts, and Assisted Combo. Input changes have been made to ease the execution of Cancel Drive Rush and to ensure it can be activated even when a light attack whiffs. Adjustments were also made to the behavior of light attacks in conjunction with these input changes.

Individual character adjustments were also made in update 1.002. These include balance changes for Ryu, Luke, Kimberly, Chun-Li, Zangief, JP, Dhalsim, Cammy, Dee Jay, Lily, Blanka, Juri, Marisa, E. Honda, and Jamie. The changes range from fixes to Overdrive attacks not being performed when manually inputted while holding down the Assist button when using the Modern control scheme, to adjusting the hitstop values on super armor hitboxes, and fixing Super Art gauge gain on Punish Counter.

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