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Sega Is Considering Bringing Judgment To PC and Other Platforms

Judgment is a new IP developed by the studio behind the Yakuza series. It is already out in Japan and the Western version is expected to release later this Summer.

Judgment is only available for the PS4, and just like the Yakuza series, the developers are now looking into bringing it to other platforms that also includes the PC version.

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In an interview with IGN Japan, Judgment’s producer Kazuki Hosokawa was asked about the game releasing on PC.

“I think the hurdles have been lowered by putting on Steam. I think that we were able to increase the player base because people who do not have PS4 can also play the games, ” said Hosokawa.

“At present, ‘JUDGE EYES’ has not been decided yet, but it is considered as one of the options. We are in the process of considering the possibilities not only for Steam but also for other formats.”

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Note: Judgment is the Western title for the game and in Japan, it is called Judge Eyes.

The game recently went through a controversy because one of the lead actors was caught in a case of drug abuse and due to the strict laws of Japan, Sega decided to remove his appearance from the game altogether and will record all the lines for his role with a new actor.

Source (IGN Japan)

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