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Shenmue III Bell Tower Puzzle and How To Find All Tokens

There are many activities to do in Shenmue III. Some story-related quests will require you to solve puzzles. Here’s how to solve the Bell Tower Puzzle.

In the story of Shenmue III, at one stage you will have to speak with the Elder Yeh about the Verdant Bridge. She will tell you that you have to find the six tokens hidden in her house and then climb the bell tower. So we will tell you what you have to do and where you will find the tokens in the house.

How To Find All Shenmue III Bell Tower Tokens

The first token is in a sliding cabinet opposite where Elder Yeh sits. Behind that is a shelf that you need to push. Focus on it with L2 and push it. It will open up a gap where you need to push another piece of furniture. Before you go through that gap, go into the right corner and open a sliding cupboard door there on the right for another token.

Now head through the gap and open the glass-fronted cabinet immediately on your right for a token. To the left of that, third drawer down is the next token. Two cabinets to the left of that is another token in the small drawer on the left.   There’s one in the sliding door to the left of that as well.

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After finding all six tokens, you will go to bed. The next morning , head toward the bell tower. But if you head towards the bell tower you will not be able to come back so first finish all the things you need to do in Bailu Village.

When you will reach the bell tower, you will see a pillar having different symbols on it. Put the tokens you have in the pillar. You will have to put the opposite token of what you see on the pillar. Like the shield needs a sword, the sun needs a moon, the steamed buns need some wine, the open palm needs a fist, the phoenix needs a dragon, and the turtle needs the crane.

When you are at the top of the bell tower, Use the L2 button of your controller in order to focus and look at each symbol. Then turn the centerpiece to turn the pillar.

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The sequence you need to turn with a PS4 controller is as follows: Circle, Circle, Circle, Square, Square, Square, Circle Circle. That’s left, left, left, right, right, right, left, left.

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