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Shenmue III Money Guide: How To Farm and Earn Money Fast

Shenmue III is out now and available to play on PC and PS4. Here’s a guide to help you farm and earn money faster in the game.

Money is important in Shenmue III. You will need it to complete quests and enjoy the games available in the arcade. There are many ways to make money in Shenmue III. Here we have listed some steps to make money easily.

How To Farm Money In Shenmue III

You will be in Bailu village at the start of the game. This village is a good source of earning money but only if you are up to repetitive tasks. You can start to chop wood to earn 70 yuan. Try to find a shop in the village which is called Tao Get Store. He will offer you money for chopping down woods for him.

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Keep chopping woods until you have more than 350 yuans. You will need to head past Cow Paddock after getting the required amount and find the gambling games there. You have to work out your luck here since you will have to bet using your money. Try to spend 300 yuans you so you have some left.

After you have used your money to purchase tokens, you need to head to Sunset Hill and find Yin and Yang there. The trick here is to get ta color fortune from Zhu Tianwen. You will have to go back to the gambling games and start a Flower, Bird, Wind, or Moon game. Since you will have 3000 tokens to spend here, you can start with 1000 tokens and bet them on the color that you were told by the fortune-teller. Bird is green, Moon is yellow, Wind is blue, and Flower is red.

This won’t guarantee that you can win and make money, but you still have better odds of doing it. If you keep losing the bet, you need to go back and do a fresh reading. It is advised to stop being greedy and keep your odds of losing low so start betting with a lower multiplier.

As you continue to gain tokens, keep an eye out on your luck and fortune color so that you don’t lose them all. Once you have gained a good amount of tokens, you can head towards the Panda Market to spend them in exchange for gems. These can be sold to get money from shops. You can repeat the same strategy when you reach Niaowu village.

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