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Shenmue III Money Guide: How To Farm and Earn Money Fast

Shenmue III is out now and available to play on PC and PS4. Here’s a guide to help you farm and earn money faster in the game.

In Shenmue III, you will need a lot of money in order to survive. Whether you need garlic to heal up your health in a battle, or to get snake power for the battle. You will need money in each of the quests, or you want to spend the money in an arcade, so here we will tell you how to get the money more quickly in Shenmue III.

Shenmue III Bailu Village Money Farming

At the start of the story of Shenmue 3, you can earn money through chopping wood only. Chopping woods will give you 70 yuan each time. It’s not enough money but in order to build off and to get some better capital, you will have to continue chopping off the woods. There is a shop in the town square named Tao Get Store. Head towards there from Shenhua’s house and talk to shop owner Tao Guanzhong about the job of cutting the woods for him.

In order to start off you will need minimum 350 yuans. Once you have the amount, go past the Cow Paddock, follow the path on the right-hand side. There you will find some gambling games. Put a bet of 300 yuan to get 3000 tokens in return at Zhong Ziliy’s stand. Keep the remaining money to yourself.

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Then go through the village square and next to the old man, turn left on the street sign. Then follow the sign and move towards the panda market, on the next sign again take left and go to Sunset Hill.

When you reach Sunset Hill, look for Yin and Yang and go inside the shop. Talk with Zhu Tianwen there and pay her to get a color fortune. After asking about the color fortune leave the shop and go to the gambling area near her shop on the right side.

To start off, play a gambling game of Flower, Bird, Wind & Moon. Make the max bet of 1000 tokens on the color which Fortuner told you about earlier. Bird is green, Moon is yellow, Wind is blue, and Flower is red.

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You can earn 4x time of your bet if your lucky color wins but the odds of losing are also possible. The color reading can last around two hours. If you lose the bet three times head back to the Fortuner and get the reading again.

Once you have earned a minimum of 20,000 tokens then head towards the Panda Market and buy the stuff like gems from the price exchange. You can sell them and get yuans in exchange for them. Don’t waste your tokens in buying things like clothes because you can’t exchange them for yuans. Go to the Pawnbroker to exchange the stuff to get yuans.

Shenmue II Niaowu Money Farming

In order to earn money in Niaowu go to the main street and go towards the big Neon Game sign. Past the Neon sign on the right side, you will stairs going upwards. Go on the stairs and move upwards on the second floor, you will see the color fortune teller there on the left side. After getting the color fortune head back down the stairs and move left to the New Paradise into the Golden Goose. There you will see the gambling games.

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Play Flower, Bird, Wind & Moon and place the maximum bet on the color the fortune-teller told you about earlier. After winning the tokens you can go to White Prize Exchange on the walkway up the stairs. Buy gems and then go to the pawnbroker to exchange the gems for yuans.

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