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Shin Megami Tensei V Development Is “Steadily Progressing” On Unreal Engine 4

Atlus hasn’t shared any news on Shin Megami Tensei V after announcing it exclusively for the Nintendo Switch. Heading into the new year, the series producer has finally shared an update on the development of the game.

Kazuyuki Yamai revealed this information in a large interview that included several Japanese developers. Persona series producer Katsuhiro Hino from Atlus was also a part of this interview. He talked about their ongoing work with Shin Megami Tensei and has assured the fans that development is steadily progressing despite the game being absent from most events.

“Shin Megami Tensei V is currently in development. I’m extremely sorry that the lack of news since we announced the title has worried everyone. However, development itself is steadily progressing, so please rest assured, ” said Kazuyuki in his new year statement.

“With V, it will be 14 years since the release of Shin Megami Tensei III: Nocturne Maniax that the series is released on a home console, and getting to use the industry’s leading Unreal Engine 4 has motivated us. The high level of freedom and work efficiency Unreal Engine 4 grants creators, coupled with Atlus’ creative spirit in that we obsess over every little detail, means we will have to ask for some time until we get to the finishing touches, but everyone on the development staff is doing their absolute best.”

Kazuyuki asked for a little more patience from fans: “Thanks to that, we’ve gone through the stage of checking the performance of game scenes that have surprised our developers many times over, so we’re feeling the excitement and developer advantage everyday. Finally, 2019 will be a year where we ask everyone ‘various things.’ Honestly, I’m full of expectation and anxiety, but I hope that the staff’s efforts so far will show in a big way. It will be a little longer, but please wait for the next update.”

Shin Megami Tensei V will release exclusively for the Nintendo Switch.

Source (4Gamer, Gematsu)

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