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Silent Hill 2 Remake Development Is Near Completion, Release Date Depends On Konami

Development on the Silent Hill 2 remake is almost complete, though a potential release date announcement depends entirely on Konami.

Speaking during a recent interview, Bloober Team president Piotr Babieno stated that development on the Silent Hill 2 remake is technically complete, but the decision to announce a release date rests entirely on the publisher, Konami.

Silent hill 2 release date

According to Babieno, Silent Hill 2 is technically ready. Though, he added that this does not mean the game is finished just yet. The studio is close to achieving that goal, however. Regarding a potential release date, he said that the handling of the game’s promotion and when the game will launch isn’t directly in the studio’s hands. Ultimately, those decisions need to be made by the publisher i.e. Konami.

Regarding a shift in direction for Bloober Team, the studio president stated that the new strategy is an evolution rather than being a revolution from the Bloober 2.0 strategy. He said that the development team is gradually moving away from environmental storytelling in favor of games featuring mechanics that are recognizable to a wider gaming audience.

Babieno revealed that the studio is currently working on two major projects, namely Silent Hill 2 with Konami and a new IP tentatively dubbed “Project C” with Private Division (Take-Two Interactive). In addition, Bloober Team is also collaborating with Anshar studios in the development of Layers of Fear, with Draw Distance in the development of the unannounced “Project M”, and with Rouge Games in the development of the unannounced “Project F”. It looks like the studio has its hands full for the foreseeable future.

Previously, it was reported that the first-person psychedelic horror game, Layers of Fear, has turned out to be a major success, and that developer Bloober Team is looking to make horror games that rival franchises like Resident Evil and legacy Silent Hill in future.

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