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Sonic Frontiers Has Sold 3.5 Million Copies, Surpassed Heroes As Fastest Selling 3D Sonic Title

Sega’s Sonic Frontiers has sold 3.5 million copies, and it has now surpassed Sonic Heroes as the fastest selling 3D title in the long-running series.

During the Sega and Rovio Press Conference, the publisher announced that Sonic Frontiers has sold a total of 3.5 million copies since launch, making it the fastest selling 3D title in the series. Additionally, it was mentioned that the game had sold 300,000 additional copies since the previous sales update. Decent discounted pricing on all platforms as well as the addition of worthwhile new content in the form of DLC have likely contributed to the recent boost in sales.

Sonic frontiers fastest selling

Sonic Heroes remains the best-selling 3D Sonic game thus far, but not by a huge margin. It’s highly likely that Sonic Frontiers will eventually catch up and surpass its sales to become the best-selling 3D game in the long-running series.

It’s clear as day that Sonic Frontiers has turned out to be a massive success for Sega. The publisher recently revealed during a Q&A session with investors that the sequel would receive an even bigger budget. In response to a question regarding the quality of Sonic Frontiers in light of it being well received by fans despite its Metasore not being as high as expected, Sega stated that it believes that it has found a title that is widely accepted by a lot of people across the world. The company expects to gain more sales via pricing, discounts and the recently announced DLC. Sega plans to further promote the Sonic franchise in future, such as with the release of Sonic Prime, the third Sonic film, as well as merchandising opportunities.

Responding to a question regarding the possibility more large-scale entries in the Sonic series after Frontiers, Sega stated that it expects development costs for new Sonic games to be higher. The publisher is committed to ensuring solid quality in the development of major new titles from its existing franchises, including the Sonic series. However, development costs have risen due to the impact of the global recession, and Sega expect this trend to continue for the foreseeable future. Therefore, the publisher is proceeding with a bigger budget for future titles in the series.

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