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Sony Is Selling PS5 Faster Than They Can Ship Them


Sony has announced its results for the third quarter ending June 2021. They have also revealed the amount of PS5 consoles shipped during this time.

When it comes to the PS5, the most recent results give us an entirely different picture. It turns out that there is still a significant demand for the console, but it is not being fulfilled by supply. The PS5 has currently sold 10 million units This is the volume purchased by customers, not the amount shipped.

Sony revealed in their quarterly results that they shipped 2.3 million PlayStation 5 units from April to June. This takes the total number of consoles shipped to 10.1 million. When compared to the overall sales of PlayStation 5 systems disclosed lately by Sony, we can see that they are barely meeting demand.

ps5 sales

The PlayStation 5 is still difficult to obtain in stock, and in most places across the world, it is simply not feasible to go into a store and buy one. This high demand is not being satisfied owing to a variety of factors such as the COVID-19 epidemic affecting shipment, a global semiconductor scarcity, and so on. As a result, Sony shipped 300,000 fewer PS5 units in the first three-quarters of its life cycle than it did for the PS4, even though the PS5 is Sony’s best-selling system. This also indicates that there was no stock scarcity and that the PS4 was reasonably simple to find.

What is Sony’s next step? They have great hopes for the PlayStation 5’s sales, and they have stated that they anticipate the console to beat the PlayStation 4’s record for console sales in its first year. While they have reached this milestone in terms of sold-through figures, they are still lagging in terms of consoles sent to stores. Maybe they can improve the stock situation in the coming days, but that remains to be seen.

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