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Sony Files Another Patent Suggesting PS5 Games Could Be Added To Cloud Streaming

Sony has filed another patent to add support for “High-Speed Sava Data Storage For Cloud Gaming” which points towards PS5 games.

The patent was published earlier in January while it was filed last year, and mentions “fast data storage solution, such as NVMe (Non-Volatile Memory Express) SSDs (Solid State Drives)” in its description. This is the second such patent that suggests that Sony is working on bringing PS5 games to their cloud streaming platform.

The proposed method is to create a solution for cloud gaming servers that operate on standard HDDs. It is described as to “meet the challenge of providing NVMe-level data storage performance for online video game execution, while also continuing to use the cost-effective HDD technology for storing user data associated with online video game play.”

“A principle of the systems and methods disclosed herein is to provide close data communication between a cloud gaming server executing an online video game and a cloud data storage solution in which data currently needed by the executing online video game is stored in a fast data storage device/system within a management server, while save data and other game-related data that is not urgently needed by the executing online video game is stored in the slower more cost-effective cloud storage server, ” reads the patent description.

The gist of this patent is that Sony is working on a cost-effective solution that allows them to run the next-generation games that take advantage of the faster SSD speed to make them playable through cloud streaming. They might have plans to bring these games to their subscription services like PS Now, which allows streaming of PS3 and PS4 games.

Sony is rumored to have been working on a competitor to Xbox Game Pass which is internally codenamed Spartan. This might follow a tiered subscription model with various tiers offering a different level of access to games. It is possible that PS5 streaming is added to this subscription service in order to make it attractive.

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