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Soul Hackers 2 Steam Deck Freezing and Crashing Issue Fix

Steam Deck users are reporting that they can’t launch Soul Hackers 2, as the game ends up crashing or freezing on the loading screen. If you’re one such user, read ahead for a workaround until an official fix is patched in.

The fix for Soul Hackers 2 freezing and crashing is fairly simple, as it doesn’t require any tinkering with the game files to get it to launch.

Soul Hackers 2 freezing crashing

How To Fix Freezing & Crashing In Soul Hackers 2

Follow the steps below to solve crashing and freezing issues in Soul Hackers 2.

  1. Make sure your Steam Deck is connected to the internet
  2. Do not change the resolution from the default setting
  3. If you did change the resolution or are experiencing issues regardless, close the game and switch over to Proton Experimental
  4. Boot up the game again
  5. If you find no music playing during battles, restart the game once again

Soul Hackers 2 takes place in the 21st century and is set during a war between the Yatagarasu and the Phantom Society, two opposing factions of Devil Summoners. The plot focuses on Ringo and Figue, two supernatural “Aion” beings who venture into the world of humans from their birthplace in the data stream in an effort to prevent a catastrophic event that they foresee will end humanity.

The battle system in Soul Hackers 2 is based on the Press Turn system found in the mainline Shin Megami Tensei games. In other Megami Tensei games, battles involve a party of four characters and their elemental affinities. A combination of physical attacks and magic skills that conjure demons to perform elemental attacks are used by characters as they alternate turns. If the player is successful in taking advantage of an enemy or enemy group’s vulnerability to a specific Skill, they will be able to use the Skill “Sabbath,” which targets all vulnerable enemies in battle and deals massive damage to all of the active party members.

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