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Stadia Users’ Saved Game Progress Wiped Away Due To Unknown Issue

Earlier today, Google Stadia users had their saved game progress in Ghost Recon: Breakpoint wiped away due to unknown reasons. The original user profiles were deleted and the game ended up creating new profiles for those affected. Several of these players had invested many hours into the game, and were therefore concerned about the fate of their saved progress.

The Stadia community specialist on the official forums thanked the community for bringing this to the company’s attention. He assured the community that the matter has been escalated to the higher tier of support, and that he’d promptly let the community know of further updates.

Comments from Stadia users can be seen in the support thread here. Some users in this thread have mentioned losing save files with up to 600 hours of playtime.

Google Stadia is a cloud gaming service that it created and runs. It may be accessed through Chromecast Ultra and Android TV devices, the Google Chrome web browser and other Chromium-based browsers on personal computers, the Stadia mobile app on compatible Android smartphones, and Chromebooks and tablets running Chrome OS. There’s also an experimental mode that works with any Android device that can run the Stadia app. Google developed an iOS browser-based progressive web application for Stadia in December 2020, allowing for gaming in the Safari browser.

Stadia’s various data centres are capable of broadcasting video games to users at up to 4K resolution at 60 frames per second, with support for high-dynamic-range (HDR). It allows users to buy games from its shop and broadcast them, as well as play a variety of free-to-play games. While the basic service is free and allows users to stream at up to 1080p quality, a Stadia Pro monthly membership allows for a maximum resolution of 4K, 5.1 surround sound, HDR, and access to a growing library of free games that remain in the user’s library once claimed.

Users in both categories are able to play online multiplayer without incurring any additional fees. Stadia is linked to YouTube, and its “state sharing” function allows users to start a supported game from a permalink-based save state provided by another player. Through USB and Bluetooth connections, the service supports Google’s proprietary Stadia gaming controller as well as a variety of non-Stadia controllers.

Muhammad Ali Bari

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