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New Star Wars: Jedi Survivor Details Revealed, Features Open World Connected With Linear Areas

New details regarding Respawn Entertainment’s Star Wars: Jedi Survivor have surfaced, revealing that the game features a vast open world that is connected to linear areas.

During an IGN hands-on video preview for Star Wars: Jedi Survivor, it was revealed that the game features a vast open world that is linked to smaller, more linear areas. Additionally, the preview reveals that the game will have Breath of the Wild style puzzle shrines for fans to explore. As such, exploration feels more rewarding compared to the prior entry. There’s also a larger variety of cosmetics in the Fallen Order sequel, including a variety of different jackets and haircuts.

Star wars jedi survivor open world

According to the preview, Star Wars: Jedi Survivor features an intuitively designed world map, with a healthy serving of fast travel points and markers for unexplored areas.

Previously, details regarding the story and gameplay mechanics featured in Star Wars Jedi Survivor were revealed. Speaking during an interview, game director of Star Wars Jedi Survivor, Stig Asmussen, revealed new details regarding the game‘s story and gameplay mechanics.

Star Wars Jedi Survivor features a host of new, fully realized stances that Cal Kestis can use. There are five stances in total for players to shuffle between. According to Asmussen, the utility of each stance depends on the enemy that you’re up against. It’s more useful to use certain types of stances against certain types of enemies, and it’s up to the player to figure that out by breaking down the enemies and figuring out what the best weapon of choice is for every type of combat encounter.

Cal also has access to some new traversal mechanics in Jedi Survivor, which will help in making exploration feel more natural and intuitive. He can tame and ride mounts in his forthcoming adventure, and also chain a number of new skills to climb and get cross larger gaps. It’s much of a wider Metroidvania approach, according to Asmussen.

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