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Starfield Rumored To Be Bigger & More Ambitious Than Play Testers’ Expectations

Bethesda’s upcoming action RPG, Starfield, is more ambitious than play testers had been expecting, based on the latest rumor.

During the latest episode of XNC Podcast, host Colt Eastwood mentioned that he’s heard from a channel of people, who have presumably been play testing Starfield, that Bethesda’s forthcoming action RPG is bigger and more ambitious than what was previously expected.

According to Eastwood’s sources, Starfield is bigger than anything seen in Skyrim and Fallout. It takes everything the studio did with these two games and considerably expands upon. He claims to have spoken to a channel of play testers who have been closely involved with the game, and he’s been hearing great things about it. Based on what he’s heard, Bethesda has “nailed” the sense of scale.

Eastwood said that he doesn’t intend on overselling Starfield to fans, but all he’s been hearing are positive impressions from the people he’s spoken to, some of whom he claimed were pessimistic about the game.

Starfield ambitious

Previously, a support page for Starfield was launched on Bethesda’s official site, implying that the game may be near to release. Additionally, the game is rumored to arrive before Redfall. The game’s support page only mentions that the game will release on Xbox Series X|S and PC during the first half of 2023. An exact release date has yet to be announced, however. The rumor states that a final release date for Starfield is expected to be announced during an Xbox showcase event, which is said to take place sometime this month in January, 2023.

Earlier, Bethesda had also shared some new details on the story, quests, and factions of Starfield in a set of new developer interviews. Starfield is primarily set in space where there are different planets with cities to explore, but it will be possible to visit the Earth as well. It is called “Old Neighborhood” in the game and some quests will take us back there.

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