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Steam Updates Suggested Regional Pricing, Almost Doubled In Some Regions

Valve has updated the suggested regional pricing on Steam for some regions, with up to double the increase in prices in some cases.

In the wake of a new update to the Steam pricing tools and recommendations, Valve has updated the suggested regional pricing on the digital store for some regions. The suggested regional pricing for full priced games can be seen in the image below.

Steam suggested regional pricing

For the sake of comparison, the suggested price before the revision in the Turkish region for a full priced game was around 92 Lira. With the revised suggested pricing in place, it is now 510 Lira. Similarly, suggested prices has risen from 110 Real to 162 Real in the Brazilian region, from from 650 Peso to 3800 Peso in the Argentine region, and from 1085 Ruble to 1900 Ruble in the Russian region. The previous suggested regional prices for all regions can be seen here.

The team at Valve has provided pricing recommendations as a guide for developers who may not have the time or resources to sift through all 39 currencies Steam supports. These recommendations represent how Valve would price a game in other currencies, given a base price in USD. The company thinks it’s a helpful guide, but with purchasing power and foreign exchange rates constantly evolving, it needed to make significant changes to those conversion recommendations to stay current.

The new recommendations are now live on the digital store. However, as always, developers on Steam are in control of their own pricing. Any given product could use Valve’s recommended conversions for all, some, or no other currencies. According to Valve, it is also committing to keeping this guide as valuable as it can be by establishing a more regular cadence to review prices. The company will take a close look at these recommendations on an annual basis, and make adjustments accordingly.

Muhammad Ali Bari

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