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Stranger of Paradise Final Fantasy Origin Demo: How To Easily Defeat Chaos

Chaos can be tough to defeat if you are playing Stranger of Paradise on the Action difficulty, so here’s a guide that will help you easily win the fight.

During the first demo of the game, you can end up fighting Chaos Advent. This boss fight occurs at the end of the mission. While there is a new demo available now along with a new mission, Chaos can still be fought again. If you haven’t played the demo before, you will need to fight and defeat Chaos to unlock the second mission.

How To Easily Defeat Chaos In Stranger of Paradise Final Fantasy Origin Demo?

I was banging my head against the wall trying to beat Chaos with a Warriors + Mage class. It was not until I figured out the potency of the magic attacks that I was able to beat Chaos. The action difficulty setting is quite tough. Since this is a demo, we also lack proper equipment so the game feels unfairly balanced at times.

The trick to beating Chaos is to level up the Mage class until you can deal a good amount of damage with it. In my case, leveling it up to 10+ was more than enough, and make sure to invest in the upgrades that improve the magic potency.

As the fight starts, dodge any incoming attacks from Chaos and keep your distance while casting Thundaga on the boss. You will need to do it 3-4 times, and if you have a decent level, it should be more than enough before you have to replenish MP.

If you run out of MP, use the parry attack with the circle button (on PS5) to gain it back, or take the dangerous router and go up to Chaos and attack it. As you can see in the video, it barely takes 2 minutes to beat Chaos with this method and you don’t even need to use any potions.

If you still can’t beat Chaos on the Action difficulty, there is no need to feel down. You can just drop the difficulty to Story (plus casual) and then hopefully have a better chance at beating it.

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