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Stranger of Paradise Final Fantasy Origin Demo Runs at 1080p With Chaotic 60 FPS On PS5

Stranger of Paradise Final Fantasy Origin demo is available to play now on the PS5. It comes with two visual modes but both run at 1080p.

Stranger of Paradise Final Fantasy Origin was first announced during Square Enix’s E3 2021 presentation and it was revealed that a demo will be available to everyone immediately. It turned out to be complete chaos as the demo was unplayable for almost everyone. While it was initially supposed to launch on June 14, it took almost two days to patch the demo so it could run on the PS5.

After an update was released for the Stranger of Paradise Final Fantasy Origin demo, it was finally playable. However, the performance and technical flaws are obvious with the demo since it runs at such a lower resolution.

The game itself doesn’t appear to look that well even if we ignore the lower resolution. It has sub-par textures and visual quality that makes it look like an early PS4 game than a proper PS5 version. The lower resolution could be tolerated if the performance was not all over the place.

The favor performance mode renders the UI at 1080p while the favor resolution mode renders it at 4K. Aside from that, there is no discernable difference between both modes. The performance is chaotic, to say the least, with the minimum recorded frame rate at 37 FPS and the average usually hovering at 57 FPS.

final fantasy origin demo

Aside from the disappointing trailer, technical issues, and lackluster art style, the game appears to be fun enough based on the demo that if these issues are polished, we might get something decent out of it.

Stranger of Paradise Final Fantasy Origin is confirmed for the PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series, and PC. It is targeting a release date in 2022 and will be developed by Team Ninja.

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