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Stranger of Paradise Final Fantasy Origin Difficulty Settings Explained

In Stranger of Paradise Final Fantasy Origin, the players have a choice of multiple difficulty settings in the game. So what do they gain with it?

While the game won’t be out until next year, March 18 to be exact, the second demo is playable on both Xbox Series and PS5. It offers the players a chance to go through two different levels, each of which can take half to one hour to complete, depending on the difficulty of the game.

What Are The Difficulty Settings of Stranger of Paradise Final Fantasy Origin?

It is easy to skip ahead of the opening when the game asks you to pick a difficulty setting. If you pick the default one, it is called Story. Don’t be fooled by it, since this one also has some challenges especially in the boss fights. It is the recommended one to pick if you just want to go through the demo without any frustration.

The second choice is Action, which is a hard difficulty as far as I am concerned. In this mode, you take more damage and can die easily leaving you to go through the level from the last checkpoint. The boss fights, even the mini ones, can be exceptionally tough as the enemies take more damage. You can’t stagger your enemies that easily to brutally crystalize and smash them. You need to figure out their weakness including any elemental and weapon weakness.

The last choice is Hard. This is a tier above the Action difficulty that I couldn’t imagine playing especially in the demo. You lack resources in the demo so it would be frustrating to play the missions with it.

If you pick a higher difficulty, you will gain increased rewards and better equipment. This won’t come cheap though, so you will also face tougher enemies.

What Is Casual Mode In Stranger of Paradise Final Fantasy Origin

Lastly, there is a Casual mode. So you might be asking, how to trigger it? When you pick the story mode, the game asks if you want the casual mode or not, and if you pick yes here, you get an even easier mode. According to the in-game tutorial, it offers the following advantage.

  • Enemy Strength and items obtainable are the same as story difficulty.
  • Break gauge consumption for soul shield and other abilities is decreased.
  • Unblockable attacks can be blocked.
  • Max MP is not decreased when falling in battle.
  • Fallen allies will be automatically revived.

Do keep in mind that this mode is not activated during online play, but based on what has been confirmed, this is a mode to help even the weakest of players power through the game.

For more in-depth impressions, check out our preview and a boss fight that covers Chaos Advent.

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