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Stray: All Music Sheet Locations And Music Badge Guide

Figuring out the music sheet locations Chapter 4 of Stray can get rather tricky, as you’ll need to go indulge in plenty of exploration in order to collect all of them. We’ve made it simple for you to get all music sheets (8 in total) there are to find in the game.

Completionists will undoubtedly be trying to unlock the Meowlody trophy/achievement, which will require every music sheet in Stray to be collected. Once found, you’ll need to head right next to a music sheet and press the interact button in order to grab it. Collecting all 8 of them and turning them in for the music badge should unlock the Meowlody trophy on PS4/PS5 or achievement on Steam for you.

How To Find All Music Sheet Locations In Stray

Below you’ll find a walkthrough to every music sheet location across the gorgeous world of Stray.

Music Sheet # 1

Stray music sheet

The very first music sheet in Stray is found inside Momo’s apartment. In order to get there, you’ll need to climb across a series of air vents and hop across the rooftops until you get to an open window. This is the apartment you’re looking for, and you’ll find it lying inside in a shelf. Climb the cardboard boxes in order to get there.

Music Sheet # 2

Stray music sheet

You’ll find the second music sheet on the balcony to the right of Clementine’s apartment. There’s a large pipe located along the balcony that will prove useful in getting there. After making your way across to the balcony, you’ll find the music sheet lying on the table there.

Music Sheet # 3

Stray music sheet

Getting to the third music sheet is relatively straight-forward, as you’ll be required to locate Elliot’s apartment door. You won’t have to climb to a higher floor for this one. Roam around the area to find a brown door with the option to translate the text written on it. Ignore the text for now, and scratch on the door. Elliot will open the door for you, and you’ll be able to head inside. Inside, you’ll find the music sheet on a framed portrait.

Music Sheet # 4

Stray music sheet

You’ll be able to acquire the fourth music sheet at the shop. Follow the stairs to find the shop below among a pile of rubble. Here, you’ll be able to trade one Energy Drink for the music sheet.

Music Sheet # 5

Stray music sheet

The fifth music sheet is located inside the bar on the upper floor. Once inside, you’ll find it on the second table, in front of the pool table.

Music Sheet # 6

Stray music sheet

The sixth music sheet is located inside Clementine’s apartment. Refer to the location of music sheet # 2 in order to get there. Once there, hop on the pipe along the wall to the left and head inside via the open window. Once there, you’ll find the music sheet lying in the bookshelf next to Clementine’s bed.

Music Sheet # 7

Stray music sheet

The seventh music sheet is located in the library. Once there, go through the passage surrounded by bookshelves and turn left. You’ll notice a piano surrounded by piles of books. Hop on to the piano and grab the music sheet lying on it.

Music Sheet # 8

Stray music sheet

Head down the staircase leading to the street musician known as Morusque, and keep going straight until you find an alley towards the left. Here, you’ll find a safe among the rubble. Interact with the safe and enter the code ‘1283’ to unlock it, and grab the eighth music note.

How To Get The Music Badge And Unlock The Meowlody Trophy/Achievement

Stray music sheet

Your work isn’t finished yet, as you need to hand over each of the music sheets to the aforementioned street musician known as Morusque. Turn in each music sheet to Morusque one by one, and you’ll get the music badge in return. The Meowlody trophy/achievement should unlock automatically once the music badge is in your possession.

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