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Street Fighter 6 Features Indicator To Distinguish Between Online Players On Wi-Fi & Wired Connections

Capcom’s upcoming fighting game, Street Fighter 6, will feature an indicator to distinguish between online players that are playing over a Wi-Fi and wired connection.

Fighting game enthusiast and YouTuber Rooflemonger shared a snippet from the pre-battle screen from Street Fighter 6, and it showed that the indicator for those playing over Wi-Fi is different from that of those playing over a wired connection.

Street fighter 6 wi-fi indicator

Fighting game players have always complained in the past about there being no indication of whether their online opponent is playing on a wired or Wi-Fi connection. With Street Fighter 6, Capcom is looking to give players the insight of knowing the type of connection their online opponent is playing on ahead of their battle. Therefore, those who would prefer to avoid against players on a Wi-Fi connection can do so by looking up their connection indicator.

Previously, it was reported that alternate costumes for some of the characters in Street Fighter 6 had started to leak ahead of the game’s launch. Alternate costumes for the first 5 characters on the Street Fighter 6 roster i.e. Ryu, Chun-Li, Jamie, Guile, and Luke, were revealed at San Diego Comic Con last year. Recently, we got a first look at the alternate costumes for Marisa and Aki via a leaked image that had emerged online.

Marisa’s alternate outfit appears to be a white suit, while Aki’s alternate costume is a gown of some sort. As for the other characters, Ryu’s alternate outfit is his iconic white gi from Street Fighter IV, with a red headband and red gloves. It’s worth mentioning that Ryu has only recently deviated from this appearance, adopting his master Gouken’s kasaya as his standard attire in Street Fighter 6. Furthermore, he reverts to his clean-shaven face while sporting the alternate costume.

Meanwhile, Chun-Li’s alternate costume is the classic attire she wore in Street Fighter 2, with spiked bracelets on her wrists. Guile’s alternate outfit is his his classic air force costume. Luke sports a yellow jacket, a hat, and pants as his alternate costume. Lastly, Jamie also wears a yellow jacket, but his is more of a vest-style variant.

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