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Epic Games Store Next Mystery Game Is Midnight Ghost Hunt

Epic Games Store is currently running a mega promotion including huge discounts and a mystery game every week, and the next game has been teased.

The first free blockbuster mystery game that was offered by Epic Games Store was Death Stranding. It was previously given free last year during the Holiday promotion, and it has been given for free again. This was followed by the second free blockbuster mystery game, Fallout New Vegas. This is now being followed by another teaser that has been linked to a certain ghostly multiplayer hide-and-seek game.

Epic games store mystery game

The new teaser appears to show a set of symbols and if you look close enough, they indicate that the new mystery game is Midnight Ghost Hunt. The clues were pieced together by the Epic Games PC subreddit, revealing Midnight Ghost Hunt as a strong contender for the free mystery game on June 1, 2023 for Epic Games Store.

It was previously reported that Super Meat Boy Forever was one of the free games that were supposed to be offered alongside Death Stranding, but these plans were allegedly scrapped. It’s worth mentioning that such plans can and do change prior to an official announcement.

The Epic Games Store has introduced a new rewards program where customers can receive cash back on their game purchases. As part of this program, it is currently running a special promotion offering a significant discount on the store. If you buy games valued at $14.99 or more, you will receive an additional 25% discount on top of any existing discounts. This is great news if you’re interested in Epic Games Store exclusive titles like Dead Island 2, as it presents an excellent opportunity to purchase them at the lowest price. However, we recommend waiting for a sale on Dead Island 2 to get the most value from this promotion.

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