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Epic Games Store Mystery Game Update Rumored To Offer a New Fallout Game

Epic Games Store is currently running a mega promotion including huge discounts and a mystery game every week, and the next game has been teased.

The first free blockbuster mystery game that was offered by Epic Games Store was Death Stranding. It was previously given free last year during the Holiday promotion, and it has been given for free again. This is now being followed by another teaser that has been linked to the Fallout series.

The teaser appears to show a set of symbols and if you look close enough, they appear to resemble the Fallout New Vegas locations and logo. It could also be for another Fallout game but because there is no Fallout 76 on Epic Games Store, and all the previous games have been given for free, New Vegas appears to be a safe bet.

The clues were pieced together by the Epic Games PC subreddit and appear to showcase Fallout New Vegas as a strong contender for the free mystery game on May 25 for Epic Games Store.

It was previously reported that Super Meat Boy Forever was one of the free games that were supposed to be offered along Death Stranding, but these plans were allegedly canceled. This suggested that Super Meat Boy Forever could be one of the free games in this mega promotion that will last until June.

Epic Games Store is now also offering rewards for those who purchase games by giving them a certain amount of cash back for their purchase. They are promoting a major discount on their store for anyone who buys games worth more than $14.99, as they will add a further discount of 25% on top of the existing discount for these customers. It means if you are eyeing some of the Epic Games Store exclusives like Dead Island 2, your best bet to get them the cheapest is now with the launch of this promotion sale. However, we would suggest waiting until Dead Island 2 goes on sale to take maximize advantage of this promotion.

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